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enjoii drops encapsulating and emotive electronic album 'Glass Princess'

enjoii is an artist who's sonic direction holds no bounds. A unique approach to production and electronica as a whole has seen this mysterious entity create quite a storm in the EDM scene and beyond. The DJ and producer hailing from Western Poland now drops their debut album 'Glass Princess' and it truly is something to behold.

Enhancing their music across the globe, enjoii has touched the hearts of many with his explosive yet ethereal brand of electronica, and this album fully showcases everything in his sonically diverse repertoire. First single and album titled 'Glass Princess' is a work of art, delicately poised before inviting you into his deep and colourful trance-like beats.

'Show Me Love' is another fine example of their craft, with intricately measured bass lines and vocal samples that transcend beyond the norm of the traditional EDM sound. It's dubstep, drum and bass and EDM all mixed into one body of work, with other tracks such as 'WithU_247' possessing a radiating and alluring soundtrack and 'Last Night' showing yet another side to enjoii. Any fan of electronic music will be intrigued from the off with 'Glass Princess' and you should check it out right now if so.

Stream 'Glass Princess' here:


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