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Epic new dance track from Edwin Rosen

Translating to 'Waste Your Time', Edwin Rosen's brand new track, 'Verschwende deine Zeit', is an eclectic new release for the twenty year old German producer. Serving as his fifth official offering since his debut with 'leichter//kälter' early last year that has already amassed over 3 million streams, 'Verschwende deine Zeit' marks a turning point in his career. Taking inspiration from an array of artists from a range of genres, naming his new style as Neueneue Deutsche Welle, which translates to New-New German Wave.

“You might not hear it now, but Blink-182 were a very important band for me. They made me want to make music on my own. ‘Through All Of This’ on which Robert Smith sings, I then discovered The Cure. Besides, I’m a skater and I watched a lot of skater videos using Cure songs or New Order. Then when I started making music, I really wanted to be able to record everything on my own, that influenced the instrumentation a lot, of course”

Newly signed to Berlin based indie label IRRSINN, Edwin Rosen is proving himself to be a dark horse, rising through the ranks of the electronic music scene.

You can follow Edwin Rosen on Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud


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