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‘Everything…’ the latest EP from storyteller Barton Hartshorn

Barton Hartshorn has unveiled his latest EP Everything..., a send-off to one of his most iconic tracks 'Everything Is Better Than Before' as it features in the new film UnCancelled. Expanding the story behind the track with four further gorgeous narrative experiences, Barton treats audiences to vibrant folk-rooted songs with flashes of eclectic genre influence. 'The King Of My Undoing' is the second to make an appearance, diving into the anxieties of life and self-confidence through high-energy vocals, piano lines and drums.

Next up 'Sister Bird', a track with such a visceral sense of delicate vulnerability it's a journey within itself, reaching emotive climaxes through effortlessly heartfelt writing. Fourth number 'Don't Believe A Word' steadies the sentimental ship with a sleek duet of fantastic electric guitar musicianship and natural, thoughtful vocals. The last song to grace the EP is 'Belong Here', a collaboration with Nicki Ross that sends audiences full circle, the introspection is complete, and the contentment is ready to return.

“I was sitting in a packed cinema in Valencia, Spain,” Barton explains, “watching a film premiere and my song began to play over the final scene. No one could see me in the dark but I had a huge smile on my face. It was a special moment. The songs on this EP were written to accompany “Everything is better than before” on its first cinema outing…”

Barton Hartshorn, influenced by the folk singers of a childhood home, first fronted the band Dictafone. Later, he returned to folk music as a solo artist, releasing four albums and seeing success across Europe, the USA and Australia. His success globally led to a U.S. tour and inspired his continued storytelling releases. With more acclaim to his name for each release surrounding the Everything… EP, Barton's notability grows.



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