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Ex Medias drop their epic brand of electronic music, featuring lead single 'Lost My Mind'

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Ex Medias, a collective renowned for its unity and expansive talent, have now released their third installment of their highly anticipated Ex Medias compilation series. This upcoming release not only brings together a unique and diverse pallet of sounds, but puts on display the community this crew has been able to cultivate. At the helm of Ex Medias is the enigmatic visionary, Able Grey. With an impeccable ear for sonic exploration, Grey has spearheaded the collective's mission to showcase the diverse creative endeavors of its members. Each track on the compilation represents the collective's dedication to pushing boundaries and defying genre conventions.

Embracing an array of musical genres, including future/melodic bass, house, techno, rocktronic, trap/riddim, tech house, and drum and bass, this compilation weaves together an intricate soundscape that captivates the senses. From the ethereal melodies that transport you to otherworldly realms, to the pulsating rhythms that ignite the dancefloor, Ex Medias leaves no sonic stone unturned. This is not the first time Ex Medias has caught the attention of the music world. Their artists have been invited to stages across the nation, receiving well-deserved recognition from notable publications. And now, the collective's presence is set to reverberate through North Coast Music Festival 2023, with seven of their exceptional artists slated to perform. Originating as a local initiative in the vibrant city of Chicago, Ex Medias has evolved into a much larger movement, dedicated to bringing forth underexposed artists and celebrating diverse genres. In the ever-changing landscape of the arts, Ex Medias stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. This compilation symbolises where they've come and where they're going. Keep an eye on this crew to see what they do next.

Stream 'Lost My Mind' and the rest of the album here:


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