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Febueder release serene new single ‘Valley Of Kins’

Duo Febueder is comprised of instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey and percussionist Samuel Keysell, their music of progressive poetry first rising to fame with the likes of singles ‘Morning Yawn’ and ‘Réseau’. Coverage from across the industry has consistently tagged the avant-indie pair with a wondrous and unique songwriting ability.

Their latest single ‘Valley Of Kins’, is a continuation of these skills, diving headfirst into a new era for the group with elegant and interesting arrangements. Percussive sounds fill the soundscape, darting between deep rhythms and metallic, twinkling melodies. Instruments from across the world come together in glorious harmony, each note leaning into the next. The sounds feel disjointed at first, but the listener is soon welcomed into a vast and picturesque idyll, the vocals arriving as a serene guide through the music.

Kieran Godfrey comments on the track, "Valley Of Kins is a story of salvation, closure and new beginnings.”


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