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FIZA releases heavenly sounding 'Pieces'

Edinburgh-based FIZA is back with new infectious offering ‘Pieces.' A soul infused track, 'Pieces' is sure to get you up and dancing and has been released at exactly at the right time. This is due to her highly infectious live show and recognition blossoming after a Sofar Sounds session.

'Pieces' has a bit of everything - sass, flair and boldness and they're all bound together by FIZA's incredible vocals. Intertwining with this is the talented instrumental which includes heavenly backing vocals and heartwarming synths, both drenched in summertime vibes. Smaller elements work hand in glove, as intricate guitars expand the mix and ebb and flow between the main frame of the track.

Speaking about the release she shares: “‘Pieces’ is about the difficulties in trying to piece yourself and your life back together whilst going through the trials and tribulations of life and what it throws at you. It is about reminding yourself you are stronger than you give yourself credit for and you can help guide yourself into a future you are comfortable with.”

With so much in the works, we believe this artist will continue growing her fanbase and molding her own sound.



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