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Fizzy Orange drop nostalgic packed single CHOO CHOO

Six-piece indie-rockers Fizzy Orange are on track for a fantastic 2024, fresh off the back of their newest single, CHOO CHOO, which is the precursor to their forthcoming debut EP, ‘Fizzy Orange In Mono.’ With 60s-style writing and analog-led production, the Dublin band has made waves with shows in Dublin, Cork, London, and more.

Fizzy Orange discussed the release, "We first played this tune during a writing session in an attic in co. Leitrim last year. Kev (lead singer) had penned the lyrics about the experience of using our local train service in Dublin. The Dublin-Area-Rapid-Transit or the DART as it's better known. Always late, northbound or southbound, we all got his experience straight away.

It was originally played as a fairly stripped-back blues. But once that distorted repetitive guitar riff came in from Jack (lead guitar) we knew this track had to come up to that energy. We recorded it a few days later in Sonic Studios back in Dublin. It's our heaviest playing so far, the bass and drums could have filled out the track by themselves! Complemented with classic boogie-woogie piano playing and 60’s vocal harmonies, our own style and sound really starts to creep in.”

With all the progress being made independently, the band has resolve, drive, and talent in equal measure. Keep your eyes peeled for March 29th for their debut EP, which is bound to be a force to be reckoned with.



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