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GANGGA Grapples with Love on Debut Album "It's Never Easy"

In the past, it was difficult for international artists to 'break' it in North America — especially without a huge push behind a major record label. Thankfully, with the rise of TikTok and social media, it's become a lot easier for artists to not only get discovered, but thrive online. One of the artists that have completely blurred the global lines is Indonesian singer-songwriter GANGGA, an artist that not only knows how to pen a powerful lyric, but knows his way around viral TikTok fame.

After the release of his debut single “Don’t” at the end of 2019, GANGGA reached the #1 Spotify Top Global Viral Chart and accumulated over 60 million streams on his song “Blue Jeans,” a feat not many artists can say they've accomplished. Using this as a springboard, GANGGA is welcoming the release of his highly anticipated debut album “It’s Never Easy” . Infusing his influences in jazz, pop, and R&B, "It's Never Easy" is a snapshot of stories from his own lived personal experiences involving love, written in an intimate and reflective way.

A collection of songs about love and all of its forms, “It’s Never Easy” is a portrait into GANGGA as an artist — one who seamlessly blends his influences in pop, jazz, and R&B to craft a unique and compelling song. When asked about the inspiration behind “It’s Never Easy” GANGGA states, “This album captures stories from personal experiences about failed love relationships, and it’s written in a very intimate way.” The lead single "This Love Will Never End" is something of a gut-punch; a deeply introspective & poignant track that shows GANGGA coming to terms with a love ending... even if it feels like it'll never end as he sings "All I want is to see you happy/While I'm still here and face the truth/That I'm not okay/I'll never okay, cause/This love will never end."

Check out GANGGA's new album now.

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