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GCODA debuts with vivid album ‘Lights Out’

GCODA emerges with a shortlisting for an award from Youth Music in 2023, their debut project a stand against knife crime, detailing the music with personal experiences and the factors that accelerate the problem. Made in collaboration with Gloucestershire charity The Music Works ‘Lights Out’ moves forward from the incredible work of their Knife Angel project.

The album is a vivid portrait of UK rap, with each artist of the collective representing their city and making an impact on their future. Despite their age, the talent and drive on show is well beyond their years. Tracks coming under the genres of drill, grime, Afro-R&B and the occasional US influence are all present, with thoughtful lyricism being present in each of the fifteen songs.

Sharing an insight into GCODA’s meaning and its future, producer JBZY adds, ”GCODA's formation has shaped my musical journey massively. I couldn't imagine a year on from our first performance, we'd be producing our own album as a collective but I'm massively grateful and excited for what's to come”

The Music Works add, “Sustainability has been a huge part of the project’s ambition, and it has been a stellar result with the G-Coda collective continuing to collaborate with each other and planning for their musical careers that lie ahead of them. We are ecstatic to see where their talents take them!”


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