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Go Hawaii to release blissful new single ‘Coastal

Go Hawaii showcase their nostalgic blend of hazy guitar riffs and distant, dreamy vocals on their new track ‘Coastal’. Reminiscent of late 2000s dreampop, the duo drive their sound forward with lo-fi drums and a melancholic perspective that will make you instantly fall in love.

Talking about the new track, Go Hawaii share: “We wrote this song trying to convey feelings of melancholy and bliss at the same time. Inspiration came from daydreaming and past personal experiences with lovers.”

Hailing from the outskirts of Venice, Go Hawaii is an indie duo. They use bedroom and dream pop as means to convey feelings into music. By doing so, they hope to reach remote parts of the world every day.

Go Hawaii is a project born in 2016 to satisfy the duo’s need for writing music. They have been playing together in a band since 2010, with many other artists coming and going. When they started Go Hawaii, their post-punk influences led them to use distorted guitars and big fuzzy basses. After a first try at composing an EP, they started to explore their dream and bedroom pop side, and that was when something really hit them.

Their first EP ‘Soft Bathrobe’ is the result of this exploration, but as soon as it was released they started working on a full album.

In 2019 Go Hawaii released three more singles and started working on live performances. They were selected to play during The New Colossus Festival showcase, held in New York City during march 2020, but the first COVID-related restriction made it impossible for them to fly to the United States. As soon as it was possible, they resumed their work and are now ready to release their first album in 2022.

In October 2021 the Brooklyn label 22Twenty released Go Hawaii’s latest single "Midnight Company", featuring their friend Secret B from the United States.

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