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Greyson Chance Discusses Tour and the “Beginning of the Beginning” After Releasing LP "Palladium"

Credit: Broderick Baumann

Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Greyson Chance has earned his place in the music industry. His latest single, the bold triumph “My Dying Spirit” off of his recent LP Palladium, only solidifies this statement. With a childhood spent under the microscope of celebrity, he has emerged stronger, more authentic, and entirely sure of the story he has to share with the world. “My Dying Spirit” discusses the depths of feeling truly broken, but invokes solace in Greyson’s soaring vocals, his renowned piano playing ever-present.

His music may tap into vulnerability, but make no mistake - Greyson Chance knows exactly who he is.

Palladium received stellar reviews from the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone, along with appreciation from devoted fans. They feel represented in Greyson’s poetic lyricism, seeking out his words as they navigate the terrain of their own struggles. The proof is in the numbers, with the record earning around 4.9M streams within its first month of release, and “My Dying Spirit” bringing in 728K streams. The Palladium Tour has spanned across North America, allowing Greyson the opportunity to perform his work and share in its healing power each night.

We sat down with Greyson as he continues his tour to discuss “My Dying Spirit” and his process of recording, and releasing, Palladium.

FLEX: This album feels like a clear departure from your previous work - what made you want to explore the alternative/indie route more?

GREYSON: Genre wasn’t something I was conscious of when I went into the studio for Palladium. A few weeks prior to the start of writing the record, I had parted ways with my record label, which gave me an overwhelming feeling of freedom and exhilaration. No one had tabs on me for this album, I could do whatever I wanted, how I wanted. This record sounds like a departure because I had been wanting to run away from what people expected of me for a long time.

F: So many of these tracks are incredibly personal. “My Dying Spirit” specifically is relatable yet specific. How do you balance writing to an audience while still keeping that personal touch?

G: I feel okay saying this, because I know that my fans will understand it, but I write music very selfishly. Writing is my way of coping; it’s my church… it’s my therapy. It’s rare that I am thinking about the audience, or what the perception of a certain song might be. I try to stay as present as possible in the moment and ask myself, “What do you need to get off of your chest? This is the time for it”.

F: Your songwriting is beautiful and raw, truly poetic! Have you always written your own lyrics, & if not when did you find your knack for words?

G: My first album, when I was a kid, was written by other people. After that, I challenged myself to become a strong enough songwriter so I could one day write an entire album just me. And Palladium is that. My producer Jason Reeves helped me a lot whenever I would get stuck here and there, but I was a fanatic about the lyrics on this album. Everything had to be intentional, it had to be smart; I wouldn’t accept anything less.

F: What was the composition of Palladium like? How long did it take to write/record, & what was the process like watching these tracks come to life?

G: It felt like a dream. It felt like everything that I had been working towards was finally coming to fruition. I felt like a true musician, for perhaps the first time in my career. Some of my happiest moments and memories as an artist are in that studio in the woods in Tennessee.

F: There have been many narratives about your career lately, but this moment of redefinition feels like it is finally all your own. How would you describe yourself as an artist today, on your own terms?

G: I struggle, a lot, with my mental health; I’m not afraid to say it. I think a lot of what I’ve been through as a kid has altered me in ways that I will have to work on for probably the rest of my life. I’ve grown to accept that, it is what it is. There was a really low moment shortly after finishing the record, when I told a friend I was worried that I was approaching “the beginning of the end” of my career. He assured me that I wasn’t, but that I was in-fact approaching “the beginning of the beginning” of who I am now as an artist. That’s where I am at right now… the beginning of the beginning.

F: You’re currently in the middle of the North American leg of the Palladium Tour. What has been the best part of that experience thus far?

G: There’s nothing like seeing hard work pay off, and that’s what this tour has been for me. Every night hearing my fans sing the words to these songs that mean so much to me, and I know now how much they mean to them… it’s everything I could want & hope for. I am really blessed to still be here doing this. I’m entirely fulfilled.

Palladium is available for streaming across platforms.

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