• stevie2242

Harry Zalega releases new single "Take A Chance"

Back with another release, filled with addictive hooks and soulful vocals, Leeds singer-songwriter Harry Zalega delivered his latest new single ‘Take A Chance’ late last month. 

A smooth retro-inspired pop-dance track; the song is a perfect fusion of nostalgic pop beats, reminiscent of the eighties and nineties, that blend together a classic sound with a modern style. Exuding an anthemic, disco energy; the vibrant soundscape is complimented by Harry’s bold and striking vocals that demand your attention, and immerse you further into the energetic sonic world of the song. 

Leaning heavily on an irresistible dance-based rhythm; as explained by Harry, “Take a Chance” aims to be a nostalgic twist on a modern dance record.”

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