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Hauntingly beautiful release ‘little friend’ from music duo redbook drops today

Italian passion meets British quirk might be the best way to describe this UK-based, genre-messy duo ‘redbook’. The band consists of Soraya Grosso and Jake Tweddle, who got together after a chance meeting outside their local cinema back in 2017. And lucky they did because now we’re blessed with the ear candy they create!

On latest release ‘little friend’ which dropped today, Soraya’s soulful vocals mesh with luxurious instrumentation in a folk songwriting style with guitar from Tweddle and a plush production that truly belongs on a huge Spotify indie playlist.

Prior to this new single, redbook’s last release was ‘I love you’ which dropped on Valentine’s day. The song took a closer look at the everyday love people tend to forget, and captures that familiar feeling of delicateness that Soraya could only describe as, ‘‘when you want to cuddle a dog but you know you can’t squeeze too tight’’.

The message behind ‘little friend’ is equally as poignant. Suffering from a nasty case of grass-is-greener syndrome, redbook explore the feeling of being trapped, seeing everything you want in someone else’s hands, by placing the listener in conversation with a bird. We’ve all been there and what’s so great about this track - it’s so damn relatable.Yet it also avoids any cheese, as it’s executed in such a sophisticated way.

The track lives somewhere between a lullaby and a ballad. With the duo’s familiar sound at the centre, the single grows to epic proportions as redbook are joined by a literal choir of friends. Go play ‘little friend’ for a gentle reminder that what you have now is enough - especially in an age where Instagram and TikTok can make our hearts heavy as we can’t help but draw comparisons with one another. This is such a fast-paced age too, with instant media everywhere and our attention spans are becoming more and more limited, yet ‘little friend’ will also remind you to slow down for a second and pause to reflect on your own precious life. The song itself is your own personal ‘little friend’ in that sense. How sweet.

This is a band to watch as they continue to craft beautiful tracks which are rich in depth and in the excellent quality of their songwriting too. Except a video for ‘little friend’ on the way too - we can’t wait to see it.

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Stream ‘little friend’ here on all major platforms:

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