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Heijmat Unveils Electrifying Single 'Where Will It Take Us' from Upcoming EP 'Lost & Found'

Dutch alternative-electronic riser Heijmat, the brainchild of acclaimed multi-platinum award-winning mixing engineer and producer Huub Reijnders, released the new single 'Where Will It Take Us'. Offering a tantalising glimpse into his forthcoming EP, 'Lost & Found' (due for release on February 16th), the single showcases the more commercial side of Heijmat's sound whilst also displaying his ability to craft spellbinding electronic soundscapes.

With an illustrious career producing for renowned artists like Jack Parow, Kraak & Smaak, MEAU, and Merol, Heijmat has cultivated a feverish buzz around his own music. His signature style incorporates vibrant soundscapes featuring swelling analogue synths and entrancing beats, earning him widespread acclaim and placements across Spotify and Apple Music Editorials.

The new single, 'Where Will It Take Us,' exemplifies Heijmat's distinctive sound—a tight four-to-the-floor beat propelling a euphoric electronic backdrop of analogue synths, ethereal melodies, and pulsating sub-bass. MRYN's silky vocals add a captivating dimension, creating a catchy central pin around which the expansive soundscape dances.

Reflecting on the single, Huub Reijnders shares, "We started with the desire to make a melancholic dance track. After hearing MRYN’s voice, I decided to ask her to take on vocal duties. Her first draft was a perfect fit melodically, and we worked on the lyrics and the rest of the melody together. The result is 'Where Will It Take Us,' a melancholic yet energetic sonic landscape."

The upcoming EP, 'Lost & Found,' is a personal journey for Heijmat, representing a reconnection with his love for creating music. Having spent two decades producing for other artists, he felt a renewed desire to express himself fully through his own compositions.

With a distinct fusion of IDM and commercial melodies on 'Where Will It Take Us', Heijmat continues to grow as an artist in his own right, gradually building momentum before the release of his upcoming EP 'Lost & Found'.

Listen to 'Where Will It Take Us' below:

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