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Hidden Axis & Medyk combine on transcendent melodic bass single 'Matrix'

In the world of electronic music it is harder than ever to stand out, but with compositions like "Matrix" by Hidden Axis and Medyk, these are songs that transcend mere existence to unveil entire emotional galaxies.

"Matrix' is an immersive voyage through melodies that strike profound emotional chords. Embracing influences from the iconic movie it derives its name from, this track unfolds as an odyssey, delving into the complexities faced by sensitive souls lost in the labyrinth of their own alternate reality. It's a portrayal of the struggles inherent in navigating a personally crafted 'Matrix,' often tinted with melancholy due to the burden of raw emotions.

"Matrix" importantly holds a resonating message, an empathetic beacon, reassuring listeners that they're not alone in the whirlwind of sensitivity and overthinking. Within its harmonies lies an anthem that whispers, "We understand."

We also sat down with Hidden Axis to learn more about their craft and what makes them so unique, check it out below, exclusively for FLEX!


Can you share the inspiration behind "Matrix" and how you aimed to convey the concept of navigating an alternate reality?

At the beginning when I was sharing with Medyk my vision for the song, I told her that I wanted it to be dark, moody, and about being an over-thinker who feels like everyone is constantly judging her. She sent me a few demos, and “Matrix” was the one with which I connected the most deeply. The concept of “Matrix” refers to the alternate reality that the character within the song has created in her mind (which oftentimes isn’t true) — that in revealing her heart and mind, everyone will end up running away and leaving her.

The song reflects the perils of wearing one's heart on the sleeve. How do you use music to explore and express complex emotions and experiences?

When I feel emotions, it’s often difficult for me to convey them verbally. When I create music, I find it to be a freeing experience as I’m able to channel whatever emotions and energy I have in the form of each sonic decision, note, and synth. My compass for making music is to include whatever makes me feel something or want to dance. It’s through music and the music-making process that I’ve found greater connection to both myself and others around me.

Stream "Matrix" in full below:

Hidden Axis - you have a background rooted in STEM, while Medyk is known for her captivating voice and poignant messages. How did your distinct backgrounds and talents come together for this collaboration?

I honestly was never a STEM kid at heart. I was always the sensitive, humanities-leaning student who liked English, History, Language, and arts classes. Because I connected with Medyk’s soulful and moody vocals, the writing and production really flowed for me.

"Matrix" is described as a homage to those who have experienced the overwhelming sensations of sensitivity and overthinking. What message do you hope listeners take away from this song, and how do you hope it resonates with them?

Whatever your connection to the song might be, I hope that you’re able to feel something. My goal with music is ultimately to create safety, kindness, and connection, so if you feel any of those, then I’ve succeeded. I also hope you feel seen and inspired to challenge your own “matrices” / internal narratives and choose to become more grounded in reality (easier said than done).

Who are both of your biggest influences as a pair?

I listen to a wide variety of genres. Within EDM, I’d say they’re Illenium (Ashes, Awake, Ascend), Nurko, Seven Lions, Blanke, and Rezz. Outside of EDM, I love the moody sounds of The Neighbourhood, Banks, Billie Eilish, Halsey, and more. Bonus points if the song is super sad.

Both of you have achieved notable success in the music industry. What advice do you have for aspiring artists who are just starting their musical journey?

I feel like I’ve just started…but looking back at where I was at the very beginning of my music journey, I feel like I’ve definitely come a ways. And a large part of that is all the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with - mentors and like-minded people. Find your people and stick with them!

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations on the horizon that you can share with your fans?

There are more songs in the works with amazingly talented artists like WISNER, Luma, and Meggie York. Stay tuned! ;)

And finally, sum up your new single "Matrix" in three words for us please for our readers!

Gut-wrenching, moody, dark


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