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Hip-hop act Maribased1 chats new track "Talk Talk Talk" feat Yung6ix

Prolific Seattle rapper Maribased1 comes together with one of Nigeria's most loved acts Yung6ix on hip-hop anthem "Talk Talk Talk," which show off how these two musicians really know how to walk the walk when it comes to music.

With a self-confident theme on not just being empty words when it comes to talent and calling those who fake their "wins" , the track is truly backed up musical achievements galore for both acts.

In conversation with FLEX, Maribased1 chats about working with Yung6ix, his career highlights and his favourite part of the music-making process, among other things

What is the inspiration/message behind “Talk Talk Talk”?

My Boi Yung6ix had the hook & his verse laid on the track when it was brought to me. All I did was catch a vibe and put that Northern Flow-ism on the track. The rest is history!

What was it like working with Yung6ix and how did the collaboration come about?

Working with Yung6ix has been cool - you feel me? When we had come together to shoot the music video, the chemistry was automatic, we had good vibes on set, & bro was a cool person. The collaboration came about because our guy that does our music videos (The VideoDopeDealer) hooked me and my pops up with Yung6ix. Then we put the play in motion and made it happen.

How would you say your sound has evolved over time? Where do you see it going from here?

My sound has evolved tremendously since I first started rapping. From my lyrics, to word play, to my cadence, beat selection, performing & overall confidence as an artist. It’s in me, not on me and if you were to go back and compare my old music to my music now, you’ll hear a big difference. I see myself still elevating, prospering & learning as time goes on! That’s all part of the game.

If listeners could take away one message from your music in general what would you want that to be? One message I would want my listeners to take away from my music is, it’s okay to be yourself and not a follower. Bosses lead, we never follow! Who are your top 3 artists you’d love to collab with in the future? Three artists I’d love to collab with: Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, & DJ Khaled. What’s your favourite part of the music making process and what’s the most challenging part of it?

My favorite part of the music making process is the playback on the big speakers in the studio. Because everytime I hear the playback I’m always amazed at how I laid my vocals down. Especially when I’m using auto tune or if I rapped it a certain way.. ya feel me? I’m always amazed with that. Like, how did I do that! The most challenging part of the music making process is when you have to do multiple takes when your vocals aren’t coming out the way you want them. It can be distracting at times but it’s all part of never giving up! You have to figure out how to make it happen. What’s been the most surreal moment of your career so far and what’s on your bucket list? The most surreal moment of my career so far is having my new single ‘Talk Talk Talk’ being played on all the major radio stations in Africa. Shout out! RAINBOW 94.1FM, THE SPLASH FM1055, CITY 105.1FM, EKO 89.7FM, & THE BEAT 97.9FM for spinning my music! My bucket list is to travel to Africa, go to all those radio stations to do interviews, do sold-out shows, meet & greets, etc.. meet all my fans out that way.

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