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Honey Motel soar in third single ‘Are You Coming With Me?’

Honey Motel’s most recent single ‘Are You Coming With Me?’ is a vibrant reflection on the constant pursuit for more and working to be important and revered instead of fulfilled. A glowing combination of soaring synths, steady drums, twinkling electric guitars and funk-drenched bass lines create an infectious atmosphere that is bursting with light. Above all this comes the empowered melancholy of the lead vocal, finding joy and wonder in the downcast sentiment.

Sam shares the meaning behind the music, "The pressure to do something great with your life can seem almost unbearable at 25. But who’s to say what being somebody is? Who decides the righteous way to live life? Who decides what success is? What is happiness? Nobody does, because these things are undefinable in any true sense. There is beauty in being a nobody. There is beauty in not subscribing to social norms of what success and happiness are meant to look like, it seems freeing, and liberating. Being a nobody seems like bliss. At least to me, anyway."

The Liverpool newcomers first debuted with the single ‘The Matinee’ last year, swiftly following it with the press acclaimed ‘When We Die, We Die’. These tracks showcased to audiences the band's ability to craft a unique brand of pop with a psychedelic infusion. Lead songwriter Sam Meredith is joined by Matt Walker, Jack Hughes, and Lew Fogg in a sound that has supported the likes of Gathering of Strangers and Sundara Karma.



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