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Immi Dash releases the astounding debut EP ‘Falling Apart At The Seams’

After teasing listeners with jaw-dropping singles ‘Overkill’ and ‘Final Scene’, Immi Dash has returned to grace us with ‘Falling Apart At The Seams’, the debut EP from the Liverpool-based artist. All three fresh singles are slam dunks, ‘Jaded’ providing a catchy, bold and self-indulgent rocket of a track, ‘Reckless’ a bouncy pop/R&B groove and ‘When I’m Lonely’ an emotion-fuelled anthem. Immi Dash has clean production, addictive performances and instrumentation that encapsulates all the feelings her lyrics allude to. It’s only a matter of time before the artist blows up.

Immi shares, “’Falling Apart at the Seams’ EP is about evolving as a person & dealing with difficult emotions whilst balancing the pressures of life. After writing with Cal Lewis for a year, these songs feel the most honest and raw. Putting music out sometimes feels like everything has to be immediately perfect. But, the title represents that imperfections can help to create something complete and real. It feels like sharing my inner dialogue with the world.”

Scotland-born to British and Trinidadian parents, Immi Dash was then raised in California before settling in Liverpool. At just 22 years old, the singer-songwriter brings an international viewpoint and plenty of talent to her writing. Finding her stride with performances at the Cavern Club, supporting Slum Village at Future Yard and showcasing internationally at Rotterdam's 'New Skool Rules Festival’. Backing by the press and BBC Introducing Radio 1, Immi is backed with ambition for her future.



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