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Cold Expectations are a jangly, unorthodox pop outfit who are dynamic and gritty all at the same time. They have just dropped their brilliant synth pop rock single 'Hey Compromise' which has so many unique qualities to love. Their blends of genres make for a fun-filled, nostalgic and impressive sound that travels far and wide. We sat down with them to learn more about the single, plans for the future and much, much more!

Your music blends everything from country to rock, was this always the sonic intention with your band?

When Cold Expectations first formed, yes, being a twangy country band was quite intentional. What we love about country music is its honesty and simplicity. But we found us wanting to get more creative and experimental with our music. Now we have less musicians but more effects and synthesisers, and we feel we've now achieved our true sound.

What is your new single 'Hey Compromise' all about?

"Hey Compromise" is a conversion set to music about a couple that can't see eye to eye- we've all been there. It was inspired by power pop favourite Tommy Keene, who has a great song called "Compromise." But instead of doing a cover, we figured, let's write a song with a similar title! It turned out to be drastically different, but still catchy. Adding the synth line was a touch of pop genius in the studio from producer David Minehan. So, in a way it's our homage to Tommy, who is greatly missed. What a fantastic songwriter.

Stream 'Hey Compromise' here:

You bring a fresh yet vintage sound which is so rare nowadays, who are your main influences?

We have a variety of influences that impact our musical approach, too many to list! But in general, we are influenced the most by fellow Boston bands that weren't afraid to take chances, like Mission of Burma, the Pixies, and Tribe, plus a lot of current bands. We also like a lot of industrial, post-punk and jangle-pop.

There's a real blues aura in 'Hey Compromise' too, where does this stem from?

Not quite sure, there wasn't a conscious "blues" intention. Tommy Keene always wore a freshly pressed blue shirt when he played. He looked quite dapper. That's probably where it stems from.

And lastly, what is next for Cold Expectations in 2023?

You mean, what are our "expectations?" To release a full-length CD, "Static Reactions", on Red on Red Records in 2023 is our main goal! From there - to keep playing out, sharpening our live show, and make some videos to accompany the singles as they are released. A well-done video seems to be the best way to get our music to as many people as possible, and to make those connections.

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