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Coumarin is a German born all encompassing indie artIst that possesses a sound that you simply have to get a hold of. His new single 'All Night' has elements of Foals, Vampire Weekend and Bon Iver all rolled into one, and transcends itself into its own lane completely. We caught up with the brilliant singer-songwriter Coumarin (aka Andre Westerholt) to find out the full story behind 'All Night' and his approaches exclusively for FLEX Magazine.

You have quite a signature and individual sound, how did this come about?

I always try to do my own thing and rely on what feels right to me. In the end it’s music and art so I try not to overthink the process and just let the magic happen. I think every artist is inspired by other art on some level and trying to ignore these subtle stimuli can be difficult sometimes. I just try to be inspired by life and things I experience to mould my own vocabulary in a way.

How was the recording and writing process?

The main recording for “All Night” was done in an old, vacant carpentry. I recorded it in December and it was freezing cold. I tried to warm up the room but it proved to be completely impossible - at least with the resources I had (a small heater and a bit of insulation wool). In the end I had to wear my winter jacket the entire time but it was absolutely worth it.

What made this want to be your next single?

I wanted to record this song for some time now. After the previous single “United By Fate” I wasn’t quite sure what song to work on next and “All Night” just suddenly came to mind. The whole process and inspiration to breathe new life into it happened very naturally.

What else is in store for Coumarin in 2022?

Right now I am working on my next single, which will be out in early summer. I am also planning out the rest of the stand-alone single era, which is the artistic canvas that I am currently working on. We have also started plans to remould our stage show and working on breathing new life into our performance as a live band, which is very refreshing – especially after 2 years of (almost) not playing live at all. All in all there is a lot to look forward to in 2022 and beyond!

Listen to "All Night" in full here:

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