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Interview - FUL

FUL is a Cameroonian born pop and R&B music artist. Moving in a musical direction that flourishes his creativity, His latest offering ‘Love & Affection’ is the first step for him to establish himself as the artist he wants to be. “This song is kind of finding myself and coming back to what really made me do all the sacrifices I did in my life to do music and how I want to do it,” he comments on his musical journey.

“‘Love & Affection’ is about that moment you decide not to fall in love again and somehow life brings you this person that completely bows down and breaks all your predictions and decisions. And you commit yourself to love her although you still have the past pains because she gives you the love and affection you’ve always wanted.” - FUL comments on the track.

We sat down with FUL to discuss his music and much more. Here's what he had to say:

Hey FUL, welcome to FLEX! How are you?

Hi, I am doing amazing. Thank you.

Congratulations on your brand-new single ‘Love & Affection’ - what inspired this particular track?

I think I was kinda looking for myself musically and I was in a very dark moment in my life where after five years of singing I had the impression of doing something I don’t belong to. I needed something positive and melancholic at the same time.

And do you have to be in a certain mood to write?

Yeah, exactly! Usually when I want to be in the mood to write songs. I will go out at night and have a drink. And when I am on my way back, I ask my driver to put the windows down, and let the air hit me. It is so satisfying and triggers my creativity.

How was the recording and writing process?

Well, I was on my way home. I had this melody and chorus that came to my head which I recorded on my phone first. And when I reached home I made the toplines of the verse and all the songs. I think the rest of the lyrics I had when recording in the studio but I knew exactly how the song would sound like and what was the main theme of the song. That moment you feel heartbroken and swear not to fall in love again and you meet that special that makes your heart beat once again. Probably the next mistake? I don’t know lmao.

For viewers that don’t know FUL, how would you describe your sound?

My music I’m a long run will be very experimental, in terms of sound. I don’t want to put myself in a particular mold. But In general there will always be this poetic, dark melancholy in most of the songs. I might be a sucker for sad songs but I do make some happy songs too.. or maybe not.

And what are some of those activities that you engage yourself in when you aren't writing or recording in the studio?

Oh, I love traveling, listening and discovering new music, new artists and so on. Or maybe just sleeping and watching anime. I am a very big loner. I spend most of my time alone. And I am happy that way.


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