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INTERVIEW: New World Ray talks intergalactic influences and Mexican food

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hey New World Ray, welcome to FLEX, how are you doing?

Hey Flex, I’m all good!

Could you describe your sound & style for any of our readers who may not have heard of you before?

It's a futuristic alternative sound straight outta outer space.

Having Nigerian heritage, coupled with being raised in the US and now being UK-based, how do your experiences of that influence your sound today?

It’s definitely allowed me to bring what I would call a globalised perspective to my sound. I find myself bridging worlds in my music by mixing sounds from different genres that usually wouldn’t naturally fit together. I also find myself telling stories from different perspectives and telling these stories using slang language from multiple origins.

Give us a fun fact about yourself we can’t find from Google/social media!

Mexican food is the way to my heart. I eat Chipotle almost on a daily basis...

Tell us all about your new single ‘Shooting Star’

I really like that song, like I really like it. I feel like everyone should have it on their personal playlist.

Tell us a bit about your creative process when it comes to writing and production

I always start with the production, for this song I made the beat then started freestyling on it. What I free-styled ended up being exactly what the song needed and is today. I’ve been producing and recording myself for a long time that it feels like second nature, I don’t think too much when I create I like to let my ideas come to me naturally and with that even I get surprised with what I come up with. I believe there is no need to “plan” creativity.

Who or what influences your sound?

Space influences me, the idea of huge stars and black holes that we can never reach influences me. Thinking about things in 5 dimensions over 3 dimensions influences me.

Lastly, what can fans expect from New World Ray next?

Currently working on my next LP project. It’s called “Rocket Science”. And metaphorically its about figuring out life’s complexities so we can venture where we haven’t before. But that’s putting it briefly.

Stream 'Shooting Star' below:


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