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The Fur is a classically all encompassing artist from Sweden who delves into the realms of pop, electronic and everything in between. Finding a real sweet spot with his now commercialised sound, their new single 'Miracle' featuring Tyte is a perfect pop infused remedy for those looking for their pop playlist fix.

Tyte brings the pop personality on top of a dynamic electro-pop track that has plenty to love about it. We sat down with The Fur to learn more about his unique and spellbinding way of producing and creating music, exclusively for FLEX:

Hey The Fur, welcome to FLEX!


Tell us all about your new single 'Miracle'?

It's a collaboration with Tyte (TheWorldIsTyte), an amazing artist and songwriter from Philadelphia . It's about looking at the world with love and has an electro pop meets the 90's kinda vibe.

What made you want to reach out to Tyte to sing on this track?

I heard her talk on YouTube about living your life through love, and it resonated with me. Also I adore her voice and previous work.

This song feels quite seasonal, was this the aim when writing 'Miracle'?

No, it wasn't. But we made the most of it and turned it into a Christmas song as well called Miracle X featuring GET UP Soul Choir, which was just released.

Stream 'Miracle' in full here:

What is your favourite part of this song?

The last chorus for sure. It has a vocal arrangement style which has become somewhat of a signature for me. My countryman Max Martin uses it a lot, and you hear it all the time in songs from the 70's and 80's as well. In short, a new backing vocal idea is added which takes over from the original lead, creating the feeling of a new but still very familiar chorus. I explained it in very short terms to Tyte and she delivered a perfect result straight away, which also says a lot about her incredible talent.

What are your plans for 2023?

An album! It's going to be wild :) I MIGHT also start doing live gigs, which never was the plan from the beginning. But I can feel it getting closer.

Anything else you want to add, please tell us here!

We are in the season of kindness and generosity, so be sure to be especially kind and generous to yourself. It all starts there.

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