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JACK DUFF ‘WHAT A LIFE’ EP : 40K streams on the 7th day of release

A nostalgic echoing of our generation's best hits, Jack Duff has returned in 2022 with his new EP.


After releasing a cover that procured 40 thousand streams, from the age of 11 Jack Duff has been a familiar face in the Dublin music scene. Totalling 1 million subscribers and over 4 million views on YouTube during his music career, his acoustic work once overtook Taylor Swift's album - ‘Lover’ - from the top of the pre-order chart. Selling out multiple European, American, UK and (of course) Irish dates, Duff's prior EP ‘Bad For You’, caught the eye of, Encore, Celeb Mix, and Soundigest. With COVID19 enforcing a short break from the stage, Jack debuted his new sound following the release live in London.

Already accumulating a large audience, 'What A Life' was written and recorded in Leicester and features Jack's good friend, Indigo Kxd. Anchored in emotive lyricism and an edgy take on classic indie pop sounds, a prominent fan favourite from the EP has been 'No Patience'. The song has a clear rhetoric formed on lived experiences, coupled with a catchy underlying beat it is a tune that will sketch its existence onto your brain. The track sounds perfect for easy listening, whilst fulfilling the inner angst left from late teen years.

“The message I’d like to get across is that, although things may not be great all the time and everyone goes through ups and downs, at the end of it all I always find myself left thinking what a life


Tattoo dedicated to duff
Sourced via instagram

Evidenced in fandom tattoos, the EP has had a huge impact and it feels as though Jack never left the alternative pop industry spotlight. Providing music to dance, cry, laugh, smoke or chill to, 'What A Life' could be the perfect soundtrack to anyone's day.


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