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Jan Daley Releases Jazz Version of "The Way Of A Woman"

Jan Daley has established herself as a formidable presence in the music industry, constantly juggling multiple projects and receiving critical acclaim along the way. Her previous album, "The Way Of A Woman", soared to the top of the Billboard charts, securing a well-deserved No. #1 position. Jan Daley's exceptional songwriting skills were evident on this album, as she penned six of the songs, including the title track, demonstrating her ability to create soulful melodies.

The talented singer just returned with a jazz version of one of her hit songs "The Way Of A Woman". Talking about the song, she explains: "Actually my producer, Michael B. Sutton came up with the idea and we decided to record my song The Way of a Woman as a Smooth Jazz song because I wanted to give it a more relaxed and sensual feel. Smooth Jazz is known for its smooth textures and soulful melodies, which I felt would complement the song's lyrics and overall vibe. Additionally, Smooth Jazz has a wide appeal and is enjoyed by many, making it a great way to introduce my music to a broader audience."

Jan Daley is currently working on a "Best of" album and the jazz version of "The Way Of A Woman" serves as a tantalizing preview of this upcoming album.

Listen below:

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