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Jboi gives us fresh energy on his new track ‘MY ATTIRE’

Fusing feisty lyrics with energetic, danceable beats, Jboi packs a punch in a short space of time with his new track ‘MY ATTIRE’. The song’s strong throwback vibe is a persistent earworm with slick production and heavy beats and bass.

Describing his new single, Jboi says ‘MY ATTIRE’ is “Capturing the essence of the 80's/90’s & teasing my upcoming EP 'Staccato Sounds', confident, sassy & playful female vocals weave between thick synth bass & 90’s planet rock 808s for an electro-breakdance/hip-hop-dance sound with a modern twist.”

Emerging out of LA, Jboi is proving himself as a force to be reckoned with with his diverse discography and signature ‘staccato’ sound. A SoundCloud phenomenon, it’s no surprise that Jboi is quickly rising through the ranks with his impressive production.


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