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Jimmy Pe drops massive electronic rave single ‘Tunnel Vision’

Techno-fueled artist Jimmy Pe is always looking to push the boundaries of sound and sonics, and it has seen him transition from a techno artist to something else entirely. Influenced by rave and high-tempo music as a whole, Jimmy Pe starts 2023 with a statement track in ‘Tunnel Vision’.

Sampled vocals and a fast-speed rave beat, Jimmy Pe then introduces an electronic shift of mind bending synths and ever growing bassline that seems to get louder and louder throughout. Massively hard-hitting and innovative in its own right, ‘Tunnel Vision’ feels like just the start for Jimmy Pe in what is a new found brand of music that he is starting to uncover. It is truly mesmerising and pulsating, something with any hardcore EDM fan would be captivated by. Check out Jimmy Pe’s blinding new track now.

Jimmy says “I found the vocal sample and instantly knew what I had to do with them. The whole process of this song took only two days. I love the feeling when you know from the first moment how it's supposed to sound. It's just like a tunnel where you see the light and slowly approach it. That's how I would describe the process of this song.”

Stream 'Tunnel Vision' here:


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