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Joey Gutos releases the refreshing indie pop anthem ‘Sand To Snow’

Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, the indie pop refreshing indie pop sounds of Joey Gutos have led to the artist collaborating with The Arizona Trail Association on multiple projects protecting his home state whilst also building up a committed fanbase. He has shown with past releases his vision encompasses both audio and visual, with his generosity expanding into planting a tree for every 1,000 streams on his debut single ‘Everything (That I Need)’

‘Sand To Snow’ the latest track from Gutos, builds from a simple acoustic line into an indie pop jam. Joey’s vocal performance is optimistic and summery, vibrant in his delivery and thoughtful in his lyricism, backed up with a range of instrumentation from electric guitar, to horns to strings. The track, towards the end, is filled with dreamy and spacey sensibilities, with evocative instrumentation leading you into a psychedelic-sprinkled ending.

Joey shares, “Sand To Snow is a romantic story expressed through the eyes of a wandering soul who's finally ready to surrender to Love's peaks and valleys, from sand to snow. Parts of the song were composed nearly fifteen years ago that remained in the archives for the right burst of inspiration. The song was completed in the midst of a quarter life crisis when all the shimmering lights on the horizon found themselves contained within two eyes of gold.”

The track also has an exciting music video, the artist explains, "The video depicts my struggle with internal and external forces whose sole aim is to keep me from moving forward. It's the paradox of wanting to be at the next destination, but the destination is always the acceptance of the current circumstance. To create this sense of imbalance, director Chase Warren ties a thread between two extremes of life, portrayed by the opposing landscapes of the desolate sand dunes of Glamis, California and the snowy expanse of the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona. He magically stitches together these two worlds, two time periods and two states of mind, giving the video a sense of ceaseless movement until the very end when it finally settles into a vague state of harmony…”

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