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Joseph Feinstein dabbles with pop-punk in new track 'like i used to'

Joseph Feinstein is back with ‘like i used to,’ his first attempt at delving into the pop-punk genre, whilst still entwining elements of his usual trap throughout the track. The main pop-punk element in the song is the vocal stylisation, which is substantially grittier than that of ‘fuck off’, a track released by Feinstein earlier this year.

‘like i used to’ reflects on the reasons the narrator's relationship with a partner is failing - with a naivety towards the fact it could have had something to do with him.

Speaking on the track, Feinstein suggested that “he romanticizes his own demise - being oblivious to the fact he might have been the one to have fucked it up”.

Still, even with the shift in genre in the track, the main focus I’m being pulled towards in the track is Feinstein’s distinctive songwriting. ‘like i used to’ is an exciting insight into what’s to come next as Feinstein continues to develop his new sound, straying away from his former dark-pop alias ‘NUVILICES’.

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