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  • Alice Smith

Just Honest Unveils Raw Tale of Triumph, Heartache, and Self-Discovery

Artist Just Honest shines as a true exemplar of unvarnished talent with their debut album, "No Love No Hate". This assembly of Pop and Alternative melodies weaves together the artist's life odyssey, painting a vivid canvas of personal triumph, self-discovery, and the unwavering quest for genuineness.

Raised without parents from an early age, their recollections of a challenging summer at the tender age of 13, navigating the unforgiving streets, laid the foundation for melodies that would later become both their therapy and beacon of hope.

The lead single and its accompanying video, "I had no parents," provides an intimate glimpse into the artist's enduring battle with self-reliance and an unquenchable thirst for unconditional love. This melody resonates deeply with anyone who has grappled with profound solitude.

Overall, "No Love No Hate" transcends mere musical notes; it's a narrative of transformation, self-discovery, and the rollercoaster of a first profound romantic connection. From the initial euphoria and infatuation found in "curfew with you" to the exploration of insecurities, emotional detachment, bitterness, and, ultimately, the discovery of inner peace and forward momentum, Just Honest invites listeners on an intimate expedition through the labyrinthine world of human emotions.



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