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juuku continues to transcend the genre of electronica in 'Lavender Dreams & Scarlet Nightmares' EP

juuku is an artist who in a genre that makes it harder to stand out than ever, has continued to innovate and almost been an entrepreneurial figure in the EDM scene since 2019. An anonymous artist for most of his time, he has released a multitude of singles and even an album in this time, and he now returns with some of his most diverse work to date in his EP ''Lavender Dreams & Scarlet Nightmares'.

In an aim to showcase both sides of juuku, these 6 tracks solely identify him as an innovator and someone who isn't afraid to try new genres out. In 'Lavender' featuring Elish, it blends into the electronic pop sphere, with bouncing synths and Elish's delicately woven vocals spearheading a really moving piece of electronic music.

'No Turning Back' and 'LOCK UP' however showcases the side to juuku that made him known to the EDM circles, with scintillating and pounding drops that create a cascading wall of synthesisers and beautiful sounds that can only be explained when listening to it. Fan of juuku and beyond will love this EP, and it speaks volumes once again from one of the most exciting electronic acts around.

"Lavender Dreams and Scarlet Nightmares is my gateway to the two different sides of juuku. I have synesthesia, which means I see colors when I listen to music. Anytime I make music - it’s usually in the tone of red (scarlet) or purple (lavender). For my art, and the universe I’ve been building with it, the lavender side represents the beautiful, wondrous atmospheric side of juuku, while the scarlet side represents the darker, chaotic worlds that I create. This EP is my first foray into exploring both sides of this universe, across multiple genres, trying to find myself in different parts of these worlds, so that I could share it with you.

Stream 'Lavender Dreams & Scarlet Nightmares' here:


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