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Katie Belle channels some powerful emotions on new single 'The Best You'll Ever Have'

Ever since she first emerged, US artist Katie Belle has always looked to stand out from the crowd. While honing a commercial pop sound, she has managed to carve an emotionally-charged and captivating avenue for herself to work in, highlighted by her riveting new single 'The Best You'll Ever Have'.

Much like her offerings over the last few years, 'The Best You'll Ever Have' fits a brilliantly inventive veil. While the song's production remains sparse and more ethereal than most, she is able to pack her aesthetic out with some wonderfully euphoric vocals that allow to shine brighter and more evocatively throughout.

Speaking about its origins, she said, "Going back to my original dark dance pop roots for my new single "Best You'll Ever Have", this song to me means freedom. Freedom to tell my own story, freedom from the person I used to be, and freedom from a relationship that no longer served me. I haven't been this excited about a release in a while and cant wait to share this one with you. Written from pain, enlightenment, and in my own words; "The Best You'll Ever Have."

She may still be an artist on the cusp of mainstream success, but 'The Best You'll Ever Have' shows that she is working towards something far more spiritually connected to herself. Breaking away from the confines of a traditional pop artist, she is certainly setting herself for greatness with this one.

Enjoy 'The Best You'll Ever Have' below.

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