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  • Paul Riley

Khaliyah X Uncovers Infectious New Track “What’s My Name”

Khaliyah X, the rising songstress hailing from Chicago, is making waves once again with her latest release, "What's My Name", a fascinating blend of R&B, soul and self-discovery. Known for her modern spin on R&B sounds and her ability to seamlessly blend genres, Khaliyah X's soulful voice and magnetic stage presence have captivated audiences since her debut in 2018, and this looks set to continue with her latest single.

"What's My Name" showcases Khaliyah X's undeniable talent and passion for music. Set against a classic R&B beat, her sweet and honeyed vocals take centre stage, drawing listeners in with every note. Following the success of her previous hit, "Silly Games", this new single is poised to be another triumph for the burgeoning artist.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Khaliyah X shares, “I entered the studio feeling utterly fed up and decided to use music as a tool to reconnect with my true self. There are times in life when we must return to our roots and rekindle our sense of confidence, and that's precisely what I aimed to accomplish with this song. Through it, I sought to reintroduce myself to both the world and, more importantly, to myself, by embodying the new persona I had developed.”

With her unwavering dedication to her craft and a distinct artistic vision, Khaliyah X continues to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to combine heartfelt and relatable lyrics with infectious melodies creates an irresistible sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

“What’s My Name” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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