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  • Alice Smith

Kina’s ‘Get You The Moon’ Breaks Spotify Streaming Record

Italian producer Kina, at just 21 years old, has caused quite the stir with his single ‘Get You The Moon’. Originally released in 2018, the moody, lo-fi anthem has since broken streaming records by hitting the one billion streams on Spotify. Kina is the first Italian artist to ever reach this with an original song. In this groundbreaking achievement, Kina has also brought to the forefront a fairly underground genre - lo-fi. Before Kina, it’s unlikely you will have seen lo-fi sitting in the mainstream charts amongst pop, rock and indie artists. Yet, there Kina was, standing firm for 450 days on Spotify’s Daily Global Charts.

With featured vocalist Snøw pouring his heart out, the song unfolds with poignant lyrics set against a backdrop of delicate guitar melodies. Snøw's vocals lament, "You gave me a shoulder when I needed it, you showed me love when I wasn’t feeling it..." As the chorus progresses, gentle beats seamlessly blend in, enhancing the song's melancholic yet soothing atmosphere. It’s simple, yet incredibly effective; as the whole of social media can attest. This track took the internet by storm, inspiring trends and challenges all over the social media landscape. ‘Get You The Moon’ is an example of the power of the internet when it grabs ahold of a sensational song. Since the release of this historical track, Kina has released a string of singles and a full-length album. All of which showcase his uniquely crafted brand of lo-fi that continues to resonate with listeners across the globe.

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