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King Jai and King Elway collaborate on new single ‘Baby’

King Jai has made a name for himself in Atlanta as ‘the hardest working rapper in the game’. He describes his music as hi-vibrational hood music or Hi-VI, taking the vibes of hood music with a more positive energy backing it, motivating listeners. Alongside a recording artist, Jai is a producer, writer actor and model, and has been featured on radio stations and TV shows. Live, he has opened for the likes of Gucci Mane, 2Chainz and K Camp.

Back with a high energy rap anthem, the ever impressive King Jai has recently released new single ‘Baby’ with a feature from King Elway. With a slick flow that constantly switches up to keep the audience enticed and a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head all day, this track is not one to sleep on. King Elway also makes a strong performance, with the two artists complimenting each other’s styles like a perfect match. This being Jai’s first release with a self produced beat, the samples hit heavy and the drums hit heavier, the vocal chop slots in with the lyrical content while the horn stabs are the perfect melodic addition.

On the new release, Jai shares, “I made all these records potentially for my album but they all have a greater purpose and came straight from the heart!”


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