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Krsnafari have unveiled their debut EP 'The Last of Us'

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

London based Vedic-Afro-Futurist collective Krsnafari have released their remarkable debut EP, 'The Last Of Us'. Consisting of three young, creative and insanely talented individuals, Nitaiji, Jahraswati and Satnav, the three religious healers joined forces last summer with their shared belief and goal of the healing powers of music.

“Our mission is to use ancient mantras in music. Mantras are phrases & teachings that when repeated have lasting positive effects on the body and mind. This is what the industry needs, quality message music.”

With an endlessly dynamic soundscape that boasts aspects of a wide array of genres from Hip-Hop to Tech, House to Drill, and R&B to Reggae, there is quite literally something for everyone within this musical masterpiece. Setting out to spread positivity and a message of healing through their music, Krsnafari have also embedded ancient spiritual mantras within their tracks to perfectly encapsulate, encourage and harness the healing powers they possess.

“The Last of us EP is calling to all those that want to make a difference. The world is changing very rapidly and to accommodate for this new age we have to be prepared. Music is a powerful tool to reach people's hearts and it can heal the wounds that medicine cannot. We hope that this EP will be able to show people that we can’t sit back and let our inner demons win, we have the power to be the best we can be. Purity is the force.”

Containing five transformative tracks, each as mystifying and captivating as the next, 'The Last of Us' is an unforgettable debut from a thrilling collective that are sure to have an exceptional future ahead of them.

Listen to 'The Last of Us' below:

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