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Lakookala leaves her past behind on 'Post Rebellion'

Los Angeles-based electronic music artist Lakookala drops self-produced LP Post Rebellion, a 10-track collection that traces the alt-pop talent’s journey to leaving her past behind. From confronting the shadows of her post-rebellious young to growing up to embrace new chapters in life, the album is stocked full of hard-hitting tales infused equally with intimacy and relatability.

Starting off strong with an introduction to a powerful new era of her artistry on “Post Rebellion,” to vulnerable outings like “Outside of Your Body,” right down to the surge of empowerment brought forth by the tackling of subjects like society's lens on women’s sexuality on “The Wrong Places,” the album is versatile in theme and sound.

With a distinct and intricate blend of post-punk inspired bass with ambient touches and a heavy yet youthful vocal style, the project strikes a brilliant balance between vulnerability and strength, opening us up to a whole new world of Lakookala’s capturing delicacy and density, exuberance and emotionality all within a layered and diverse artistry that’s perfect for this multi-talent.

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