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LEFTI drops intoxicating house single 'To The Rhythm'

From the vibrant and pulsating heart of New York City emerges LEFTI, a remarkable house artist who marches to the beat of his own drum. Once again, he enchants audiences with his newest musical gem, "To The Rhythm," a soulful track that vibrates with exuberant energy, encapsulating the essence of his unique artistry.

Following the resounding success of "411" and "Walk The Walk," LEFTI's latest release continues to showcase his gift for synthesising fun-loving, warm-hearted vitality into every composition. As a true craftsman of sound, he skilfully intertwines elements from the golden era of house music with contemporary influences, creating an infectious and nostalgic sonic journey that captivates listeners.

"To The Rhythm" embodies LEFTI's artistry in its entirety, as the track unfolds as a smooth and swirling cascade of sounds, whisking listeners back to the halcyon days of dance floors and euphoric nights. Each pulsating beat paints an aural tapestry that unites diverse souls within the shared ecstasy of rhythm and movement. Check it out now and see for yourself.

Stream 'To The Rhythm' here:

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