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Logan Garrett drops enticing drum & bass single 'Aliens Exist'

Emerging DJ and artist Logan Garrett who also loves to collaborate with other like minded people. The Nashville based producer who is deeply rooted in hip-hop, dance and DnB, his latest single 'Aliens Exist' appears to be the perfect blend of the genres aforementioned.

Hooking up with Mobsquad Nard, a fast paced underground street rapper from Jacksonville, Florida and Houston rapper Killa Kyleon, the trio have dropped new single 'Aliens Exist' and it's an intoxicating drum & bass infused track. Beginning with the angst-like rapping delivery, Logan then comes in with his synonymous DnB beats, spiralling the song into another place entirely. It's fast paced and also holds jungle influences, perfect for that DnB fan looking for their next hit.

Paired with the work of Nard and Kyleon throughout, 'Aliens Exist' is a track you must check out today for any lover of dance and beyond.

Stream 'Aliens Exist' here:

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