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Loie releases endearing new single 'Perfect'

Brixton-born Loie has firmly placed her-self into a lane of her own with her unique take on R&B. Known for her heart-warming melodies and subtle guitar work, her music doesn't pay homage to just one artist or genre, instead all of her influences have merged together, creating a unique, colourful melting pot of music that makes up her signature sound.

Her latest single 'Perfect' showcases her vulnerable side whilst also showcasing her individuality. The track especially pays homage to her heritage, with the sampling of Tobago wildlife in the single's sultry introduction. The Chinese-Trinidadian artist’s silky vocals sit on top of subtle but effective guitar melodies that ebb and flow in between.

Discussing the track, Loie explains:

“'Perfect' is the first song from the EP. It is my most acoustic and stripped back track but still has a bouncy R&B essence which listeners will recognise. It begins with samples of the birds and wildlife of Tobago which I recorded during my stay with family this summer. I wanted to capture the magical wonder of the island to paint this love-story. To me, it feels like a warm caress or a gentle kiss and shows me at my most playful and carefree state.”

Having already been supported by Fresh Finds UKand IE and Ditto’s Patterned playlist, she’s accumulated over 150,000 streams on Spotify alone for her singles ‘That’s My Girl’, ‘Take You There’ and ‘Hide My Feels’. With a knack for penning singles with pin-point precision, 2022 looks promising - especially with a debut EP on the horizon.

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