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Love Ghost releases his hotly-tipped new EP 'THE SPEED OF SCREAMING'

Throughout 2023, LA's Love Ghost established himself as one of the busiest artists doing the rounds. Turning out an unstoppable run of anthems every few weeks, he is now looking to cement much of his recent legacy with the release of his hotly-tipped new EP 'THE SPEED OF SCREAMING'.

Much like what his prolific run proved to us last year, his latest EP is another broad and varied collection of some of his more impactful offerings of late. Doubling down on those rich and shimmering textures he has been cultivating over the years, 'THE SPEED OF SCREAMING' is a brilliantly warming and inventive outing from the emerging frontman.

While his run of form has certainly been well catalogued, 'THE SPEED OF SCREAMING' has been an opportunity for him to display more of his enigmatic aesthetics. Blending hard-hitting belters with more sombre ballads has given Love Ghost a whole new angle in which to explore here.




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