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Lovesick debut with exciting album ‘Hoping This Is The End’

Exciting new band Lovesick is made up of Goolkasian, of The Elevator Drops, and Heather Joy Morgan, the pair joining forces with guitars by Adam Wade (Funeral Party) and Palana (Palana vs The Man). Emotionally charges vocals blend innovative and authentic elements for a fresh new sound.

Debuting a nostalgic blend of multi-decade influences, Lovesick have recently released their album ‘Hoping This Is The End’. We are shown impressive songwriting that pairs acoustic and electric guitars with screaming synths, driving drum parts and vocals that provide a dreamy nostalgia. This culminates in a sound that is very original, exploring genre combinations that we haven’t seen before all laced in a summertime, rose-tinted haze. It opens the door for a promising band in Lovesick, and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in the future.

Lovesick adds, “Lovesick is here to create beautiful sounds out of the chaos we all live in. Combining the romanticism of the new wave with the power and drive of post-punk and anything in between.”

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