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Luchi releases thought-provoking single 'Things He Handed Down'

‘Things He Handed Down’ is the latest offering from soulful singer/songwriter Luchi. It’s a track that tugs on your heartstrings, with his emotional vocal performance evoking a whirlwind of feelings in the listener. The instrumental of strings and piano leaves us to focus on the performance, and the lyricism, having the same deep connection with the lyrics as Luchi himself.

Speaking on the release, he says: “This was one of those songs that wrote itself really. In about 15 minutes after hearing the piano part my collaborator Jiro sent me, I had the song written. He lives in Japan so I had the initial demo finished by the time he woke up the next day. It just flowed out of me and came from my inner child.

It’s about generational abuse and trauma in families and explores the things that are handed down through generations and questions why this happens. When I listened back to the song the first time, I was so proud and felt really emotional for the child inside me. I have been able to work through a lot of my traumas and I feel this song is giving a voice to my inner child. This song is one that is from my inner child to any other person that suffered abuse and hopefully makes them feel less alone.

The thinking behind releasing it on Fathers Day is that it isn’t always a happy day for everyone and a lot of memories can be triggered so again, I wanted people to not feel so alone on a day that can often come with a lot of emotions good and bad.”

Luchi grew up in Glasgow around his Italian family, consuming a wide range of multi-cultural music. His debut single ‘Don’t Look Back’ was released in 2017, bursting onto the seen, peaking at No.9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts. A No. 2 hit followed with ‘Coming Home’. Since then he has had a total of ten single hit the top ten. An exciting and accomplished artist this track is definitely worth a listen.



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