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Lutfia is about to make some waves in the music scene with her debut EP: 'So Much For Summer'

Lutfia is a singer and songwriter with a focus on creating music that feels emotional, yet energetic and fun. Her latest studio EP, “So Much For Summer,” is a strong combination of pop hooks and rock-inspired edge, achieving the best in-between between the two different vibes.

The opening song on the EP, “DiCaprio Quality,” opens with a nostalgic flair, allowing the title track to stand out soon after. The next song, “Heart Of Stone And Bones Of Steel'' offers yet another side to Lutfia’s songwriting, and so does “Prism,” an incredibly dynamic song with a great arrangement. “Just A Stranger'' is one of the most iconic tracks on this release, while the following track, “City Of Angels” combines unique instrumental parts and a diverse range of influences to perfection. Last, but not least, “Last Night” could not have been a better closer!

Make sure to check out Lutfia's upcoming EP 'So Much For Summer' when it drops this 4th December. It will be available to stream and download on all major platforms!

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