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Madebit captivates on her sprawling debut album 'An Alien Among Us'

Ever since she first emerged with her stunning debut single 'Outdoor Meditations' last year, Nashville-based artist Madebit has been on an exceptional ascent. Offering up a wealth of shimmering delights almost every other month since then, she now looks to bring all of that ingenuity under one roof as she unveils her hotly-tipped debut album 'An Alien Among Us'.

Featuring a whole host of previously released cuts from the last year, her initial full-length quickly establishes her as one of the more progressive names on the rise right now. Dabbling in this wonderfully passionate dream-pop guise that occasionally borrows from a diverse mix of other genres as well, 'An Alien Among Us' is a truly inviting introduction to her sound these last few months.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “I’m really inspired by those crazy but fearless artists who stand at the helm of their recordings - those who take on the challenge of writing, producing, and performing an album for the sheer joy of artistic expression. Those that have a burning passion to carry out a specific vision and a desire to prove that they can do it themselves. Much in the way that a captivating fiction writer can take you on a fantastic journey & transport you into other worlds, I want people to see this body of work as an exploration of new sounds, compelling stories, and sincere emotions that invite people to escape the mundane and immerse themselves in a world of sonic experimentation. An Alien Among Us deals with this chief question - How do you take the feelings of being an an outsider and and turn them into ways you can connect with other people?”

Despite only emerging a year ago, Madebit already feels like an artist that has been working towards this sound for decades. Forever finding new and interesting textures and tones in which to develop, 'An Alien Among Us' caps off an already incredible run so far.

Enjoy 'An Alien Among Us' below.

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