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MAJOR FLEX: Alonzo Fibonacci

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Alonzo Fibonacci, consisting of Berlin-based Solarrio and Bay Area-bred Hitmania Beats, is the artistic culmination of the member's unique cultural influences, ranging from Caribbean and African music to contemporary pop music.

Credit: Adam Stanzack

Solarrio and Hitmania Beats formed Alonzo Fibonacci early in 2020. Prior to pairing up, the two had been searching for a creatively open situation where they could pool their talents as songwriters, singers, and producers. Since joining forces, they have released 10 full-length instrumental projects they have dropped as well as the several standalone singles. With plenty more projects in the works, as well as numerous upcoming collaborative efforts, Fibonacci is expanding their vision while cementing itself as a global brand to look out for.

We caught up with the two about what they've been up to lately, how they met, and going into what they each add musically and stylistically to Alonzo Fibonacci.


What are you up to today?

Just been locked in for the last few weeks, working on my debut album, which I’m hoping to release early next year.  Also putting the finishing touches on the next few Fibonacci releases and promoting our new song “In the morning”.  

What was it like growing up in Berlin, Boston, and Chicago?

I was born in Paris, France to Argentinian & Russian parents.  Moving around at a young age gave me a unique perspective but it also meant I had a hard time finding a “home base”.  

How'd you meet Hitmania?

We met in Boston where we were both in college.  I went to Berklee and he went to Suffolk. There wasn’t much hip-hop in the curriculum at Berklee back then, so there was a small group of people that would get together and they had one event where they brought in people from other schools and we went back and forth playing beats.  That’s how we first linked up.  We launched the Alonzo Fibonacci project earlier this year.

What do you bring to the table with Alonzo Fibonacci?

The project started out with us both trying to get all these beats off our hard drives, we had over a decade’s worth of material.  Now I handle most of the arranging, finishing up and mixing of the tracks/albums. 

Solarrio (Left) and Hitmania Beats (Right) enjoying the good life.

Hitmania Beats

What are you up to today?

I’m actually out in Lisbon Portugal for the week visiting family and working on some music. I just got back from dinner at Ramiro’s (Charcuterie and Chardonnay included.) And now I’m going through a bunch of samples that I ‘Shazammed’ throughout the week and am starting to put together some concepts for upcoming production projects 

What was it like growing up in The Bay?

The Bay-Area is a really unique place. Its cultural diversity and rich history permeate all aspects of life, particularly within the music scene; The home of the Hippies, Black Panthers, immigrants, and iconic progressive movements have fundamentally shaped the foundation of who we are collectively and what we represent. 

I lucked out having grown up in the Bay during a really magical time period that’s damn near impossible to translate unless you were there to experience it.  I started DJing at the age of 12, right at the tail end of the Mob era leading into the Hyphy Movement. And goddamn… that shit was beyond influential. No matter where I go or what the current trends are, that Bay-Area sauce is always sprinkled on whatever I touch. 

What draws you and Solarrio to DanceHall/ Afro-Pop? 

I’ve been DJing for the majority of my life and have had a profound love for music and all aspects of culture since before I can even remember. 

I attended college on the east coast where I was exposed to a diverse palette of musical influences including DanceHall and Afro-Beat/ Afro-Pop. During my summers I picked up an internship at a boutique Reggae label in San Francisco (2B1 Records) and helped put on music festivals such as Reggae on The River where my love for those genres really took off.

What do you bring to the table with Alonzo Fibonacci? 

I wear a few different hats. I handle a lot of the logistical stuff along with networking and connecting dots. I also produce and oversee projects from conception to completion. 

Keep up to date with Solarrio and Alonzo Fibonacci at:

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