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Matilda Bond releases colourful new single "Meanwhile"

Matilda Bond is a musical collective that hails from Brighton. Their music is representative of their city, with their sound coming as diverse, vibrant and refreshing. Their unique sound sees them blend R&B, pop and Hip-Hop influences together, creating something unique and signature.

This signature sound can be heard on their latest single "Meanwhile." The track features jazz-infused drums, heartwarming synths and understated guitar lines. On top, vocals land on top softly, working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. Matilda Bond manage to find the perfect point between contemporary and new, paying homage to their influences whilst putting their own unique stamp on their music.

Speaking about the track, Matilda said: “Meanwhile’ speaks to love languages and how we all give, perceive and respond to love in different ways; a topic that has come up in a lot of my conversations recently. I wanted this song to be an explanation to the people in my life of the ways in which I show love, physical touch and quality time.”

“My brain tends to run at a million thoughts per minute and it doesn’t come naturally for me to communicate with people when I’m not physically with them because my mind tends to drift away. Presence is my expression of love, being near someone and giving them my time and energy (“Spend a little time with you baby, I only give it to you”). ‘Meanwhile’ also explores that feeling that arises when it’s “been a little while” since you have had the time to connect with someone, that feeling of being out of touch and a little misaligned in a relationship (“Show a little love, I’ve been falling under waves”). The varying moods of ‘Meanwhile’ are an expression of love in its many forms.

With fantastic music and a growing fanbase - Matilda Bond are not an act to be missed.


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