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Max Madly to Release EP "welcome to my head where everything is sad" 10/13

Singer/songwriter Max Madly is poised to enrapture the indie scene with her debut EP, “welcome to my head where everything is sad,” set for release on October 13th. The six-track feat takes the listener on an ethereal journey into Madly’s world, one she has created entirely on her own through years of classical operatic training and a deep dedication to every aspect of artistry. Her three-octave vocal range, confessional lyricism, and orchestral-tinged productions make for an enchantingly dark body of work. With all of the worldbuilding trappings of Ethel Cain, and the cinematic sonics of Paris Paloma, Madly continues to carve her own corner of contemporary alternative music based in visceral dreamscapes.

The EP begins with the title track, led by an ominous acoustic guitar as the refrain crescendos into layered harmonies and strings. Featured track “LOVESICK” is the perfect midpoint for the listener’s adventure, as a twinkling piano melody melts into Madly’s haunting storytelling. “You’re gonna be my favorite plaything,/ I like it fresh when your heart still beats,” she sings, juxtaposing the dreamy beauty of her soaring vocals with the eeriness of a tortured character who, “won’t be denied.” This dichotomy is what makes her work so singular, and also so memorable.

Based in Los Angeles, Max Madly began releasing her solo work in 2020, with years of experience in everything from choirs to punk bands. Time spent exploring various artistic mediums paved the way for Madly’s immersive presentation, which includes full body paint and special effects makeup. After airing on Wish 107.5 USA, she garnered widespread acclaim for her debut single, “The Haunt,” which was used in numerous viral TikTok videos. Her platform has only grown, organically amassing thousands of listeners, 90,000 followers across her social media profiles, and booking shows at iconic venues including the House of Blues. Previous singles “Worship Me,” “girlbeast,” and “i love me, i loathe me,” are featured on the EP as well.

“I grew up telling stories and creating fantastical worlds to escape the one I was in,” Madly shares. “The creatures you'll find in my world are as much a part of me as my lungs or liver. They make up my very being and allow me to share eternal bits of my soul with you.”

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