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Max Parker finds bliss in "Fly Away (Feel Good)"

If you're looking for an escape in the form of music, look no further than Max Parker's "Fly Away (Feel Good)." The Toronto singer-songwriter recently released the feel-good track which he describes as a song that is his most romantic yet, despite having a very thriving discography. Despite being one of Canada's best kept secrets, Max Parker is quickly becoming one of the best pop acts out of the great North following the path set by the likes of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes.

Crafting a space for him & the apple of his eye to find safety and love, on the chorus he sings "As long as you’re here with me/we can fly away/fly away/I got a place for you to stay/make every day a holiday/I’ll make you feel good," doubling as an ode to the feeling Parker gets when he's around his lover. When asked about the inspiration beind the track Max describes it as "the notion that flying away to somewhere beautiful with someone you love, is ultimately what makes us happy. And by ‘flying away’ I mean both literally and metaphorically – to find a place (even if it’s in your heart) to care for and cherish the one you love. These days, many people, especially youth, are forgetting what it means to just feel good about life and socializing again, because life has thrown a curve ball on us. So this song challenges that, in order to have faith again, to have drive again, and to love again.”

Check out "Fly Away (Feel Good) now!



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