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MAX RAD releases the atmospheric EP ‘Getting Better’

MAX RAD is an artist who has been steadily building a following through his unique take on the warmth of electronica. Since 2018, he has been releasing music that’s seen acclaim from press and radio. Sold-out shows, appearances throughout the UK and Europe and a recent main stage performance at Boardmasters have all fed into the huge year Max is having. In February this year, his debut album ‘Joy Wonder’ was unleashed onto the world, championed by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing. Now based in Bristol, the artist is set to explode in popularity any time now.

Max’s latest release is the fresh EP ‘Getting Better’, featuring the previous releases ‘Samuel’ and ‘Holding On’ as well as a brand new title track. As the listener, we are taken through a vast journey of gorgeously designed synths that set rich atmospheres in motion. It’s warm and full of emotion, but still captures the raw energy that we expect from electronic music.

In the title track ‘Getting Better’, we open with a angelic vocal line that repeats as more instrumentation is added. Hard hitting drums and thick bass synths lead us into the bittersweet vocal performance. As the track preogresses, we hear the swirling synths begin to take shape as a breakbeat drum pattern takes hold.

MAX RAD shares, "This self-produced EP feels like a culmination of the work explored in 'Joy Wonder.' Inspired by a new city - Bristol, new collaborators, and real-life experiences, these tracks were born. I wanted to create big sounds that bring people together, help them figure out their lives, and ultimately make them feel happier."

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